When Your Property Needs New Siding...

Trust our team with your siding installation project in Eden, Salisbury or Berlin, MD

Your home's exterior needs routine upkeep and maintenance to stay in good condition. This is especially true for your siding. Occasional pressure washing will help keep it clean, but you will eventually need to invest in a new siding installation from Straight Edge Construction Inc.

Years of harsh weather conditions and damage from pests can cause your siding to start breaking down. Fading can set in from prolonged sun exposure, hail can cause holes and dents, and moisture can cause your siding to rot. It's vital to pay close attention to these common signs of siding damage. Doing so will help you determine if and when you need a siding replacement.

Ask about a new siding installation for your property in Eden, Salisbury or Berlin, MD now. We can install almost any type of window.

Are your windows affecting your heating and air conditioning bill?

Did you know that inefficient windows are the largest waste of energy in your home? Older windows can make your heating and air conditioning system work harder than it should. The crew at Straight Edge Construction can install your new windows quickly and correctly.

During your window replacement process, we will:

  • Determine the cost of your windows and the time required to complete the job
  • Remove all your old windows
  • Measure and prepare the casings for your new windows
  • Install the new windows and make sure they set correctly
  • Seal each window with caulk and water to ensure a watertight enclosure
No matter how large or small your window project might be, we can perform a proper window replacement. Talk to the experts about your job in Eden, Salisbury or Berlin, MD today.